Here are some recipes, or links to recipes, that we really like:

Sausage casseroles (great with Casserole Sausages or Spanish Chilli sausages) - this one is very flexible on proportions of each ingredient - this one is good for kids 

The Blythburgh Free Range Pork website (Yorkshire based) has loads of great recipes, here are the more practical ones for using all the different cuts:
Honey and Mustard Boned and Rolled Shoulder

Honey glazed pork belly
Pan-fried rump steak - for this recipe buy a Boneless leg joint  and slice to your required thickness
Cocoa and Chilli pork ribs
24 hour Pulled pork
Braised pork loin - ideal for my kilo-sized Loin-on-the-bone Joints
Pork casserole with dumplings (or Black Pudding option)

My own favourite:  Chinese 5-spice Marinated meaty ribs          
 kg pork meaty ribs          or pro-rata the recipe
Marinade for an hour or overnight:
 1 teaspoon salt
          2 tablespoons sugar
          2 tablespoons brandy or rum
          2 tablespoons light soy sauce
          2 tablespoons hoisin sauce
          1 tablespoons dark soy sauce
          1 teaspoon 5-spice powder 

          Optional added ingredient:
          1 teaspoon curry powder and / or chilli powder to taste

           Oven cook 40 minutes or so, 200 C 400 F  Gas 6.  Turn                   over at half way.