RED RUBY BEEF for sale 

We sell the three-week-hung beef from the farm in sacks of 1/10th of a carcase (containing equal amouts of all cuts as listed below), or, individual joints and steaks subject to availabilty.

Oct 2015 - SOLD OUT.  Next one April 2016 orders being taken, it will be at £10/kg for 1/10th and approx 12 kg:

1/8th bag contents (and the labelled prices in 2012)
Fillet steak (£30 / kg) ....very small amount - there isn't much on each beast!
Sirloin steaks (£19.95 / kg)
Rump steaks (£16.20 / kg)
Diced steak / Shin / Casserole meat in 500g bags (£9.00 / kg)
Lean Mince 500g bags (£7.50/kg)
Topside (£9.50 / kg)
Brisket Joint

Contact me to order a bag.